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Name: Billy
Last login: 10 May, 2007
Gender: Male
B-day: 20 April, 1980
Speaks: English
About Me: I have been known to be called a bitch ass trick but that is a term used ten years ago in reference to someone that is cool. Not that I would like to impeed any form of your thoughts with this non sensical jargon but it is truth and I still get called that. I really enjoy having intense conversations and debates. I love a challenge. I think if I were like anyone else I would want to be an astounaut so I could check out the stuff that no one else can see, or work in area 51 that would be interesting. I like to go dancing and work up a mean sweat because that is fun for me, plus it is lady repellant. I truly would enjoy to share my heart with everyone. Aside from that bumblebees can sting but are pretty cool to watch pollenate, nothin wrong with a little poly, poly, insert Chilli Peppers song.
Hobbies: Hackey Sack, Right now Counter Strike Source, love to Dance, Homework cause it is fun sometimes, MSN, filling out these profiles.
Favorite Music: TOOL, Metallica, Trance or drum and bass, DJ Square, Skribble, Sneak, Pantera, Rage Against the MAchine, Beck, HENDRIX, The Doors, REd Hot Chili Peppers ( especially Blood sugar Sex Magic), Frank Zappa, NIN, Kemiztry, Primus.
Favorite Movies: Wow so many. ANCHORMAN. Zoolander, 28 Days Later, Dave Chappelle Season 2 (DVD counts right), ET, Goonies, Ferris Buellers Day off, Full Metal Jacket, Braveheart, Cough cough, muffled Titanic.
Favorite Books: The Anthym, 20th Century World ( I liked it), Don`t Sweat the Small Things, The Shinig ( so much cooler then the movie).
Favorite Food: Canadian, burgers and pizza.
Turn-ons: Definately the french accent and a short skirt. Dunno just is.
Turn-offs: Loud and obnoxious attitudes.
School: Georgian College, Barrie
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Georgian College, Barrie
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