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Who we are:

Students' Metro Group is an organization dedicated to improving students' life and building stronger, better student communities. Created and managed by students, we know all the difficulties and problems students face throughout college/university years, especially those who have to leave their families and friends to move to another city or even country to pursue their education. - is our first step in helping our peers out. It is the ultimate student resource center, some even call it their online friend that they turn to when faced with a problem; it's SO much more than just a huge social network. Aside from making new friends and learning more about classmates, you can save money by trading books or finding a bargain on rent. You can also learn more about your school and courses as well as find clubs, keep your own online journal, waste some time playing games and share pictures with your friends and family. The possibilities of what you can do here are endless.

Our profiles:
Name: Andrey (admin)
School:Georgian College, Barrie
Name: Michael P.
School: Seneca College, Seneca@York
Name: The General of the Indeffinity
School: University of Waterloo, Main Campus

To contact us, you can send private messages through the profiles or use the Contact Us form.

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