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Our reputable Egg Donation program, Diversity Fertility Services, LLC, is currently working with a waiting list of wonderful Intended Parents. These Intended Parents are not able to conceive on their own and rely on the generosity of egg donors like yourself to build a family. That`s why we need you!

Committed Egg Donors of all Ethnicities are compensated $10,000-$20,000. Exceptionally Academic and Accomplished Donors can be compensated up to $40,000.

Our Egg Donor Program is licensed in the state of New York, safe and our Donors are anonymous.

Visit our website to learn more www.DFSDONORS.com
Call toll free (888) 569-7790 or email info@dfsdonors.com for more information.

Web Site:http://www.dfsdonors.com
  DFSDONORS Job Listings
Anonymous Egg Donors compensated $10,000-$20,000  DFSDONORS  New York;   NY  Full-time/Part time
Anonymous Egg Donors paid $10,000  DFSDONORS  Los Angeles;   CA  Full-time/Part time
Anonymous Egg Donors compensated $10,000  DFSDONORS  North Brunswick;   NJ  Full-time/Part time
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