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  Summer Intern - Social Media or Series Production
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Company: Fresh Baked Entertainment

Web Site:http://www.freshbakedent.com
Province:  Ontario
City:  Toronto;
Position Summer Intern - Social Media or Series Production
Type:  Contract
Available Starting:  04 July, 2011
Salary:  Unpaid
Job Description:  Summer Intern Challenge

Fresh Baked Entertainment - a Branded Entertainment company, is searching for 2 summer interns to join our team for July and August, to support various social media, marketing, and production initiatives.

We are looking for one intern for each of these roles:
1) Social Media
2) Series Production

We’re all about comedy and fun at Fresh Baked Entertainment, and are looking for likeminded people who see the world in a similar way. And because of that, resumes are not enough to help us decide who will fit.

Here is what we want to see from candidates who are interesting in joining the team:
1) Create a 1-2 minute video, post it on YouTube, and let us know where we can see it. It MUST include all of the following:
a. Introduce yourself and which role you are interested in: Social Media or Production (or both)
b. Direct the message to us, helping us get to know you, and showing us what you know about us. – DO YOUR RESEARCH
c. Have FUN with it and give people a LAUGH
d. We aren’t just looking for a video blog, show us you know how to tell a story.
e. AND…find an interesting way to incorporate a BREAD CLIP into your video.
f. Make sure that it’s searchable through a Fresh Baked Entertainment tag when you post it to YouTube

2) Send us your resume, and a short letter explaining why you are the one for the internship.

Make sure you do your best to make this as viral as possible. Get everyone to watch it, as the number of views will be part of our final decision for finding our summer interns.

Submission Deadline: FRIDAY JUNE 10TH, 5PM EST
Final Decision for Internships: FRIDAY JUNE 17TH.

How to Submit: Post the video on YouTube and send a link, along with your resume and the short letter to Anne-Marie Marais at anne-marie@freshbakedent.com
Check out our site plus follow us on Facebook (under Friends of Fresh Baked) and on twitter @freshbakedent for more updates about this challenge.

THANK YOU. We are looking forward to receiving your submission.

Fine Print (Make sure you read this)
This is open to all current university or college students who can legally work in Canada.
No actual brands, other than Fresh Baked Entertainment can be represented in your video.
The final decision on the hiring of the interns will be done by an internal hiring team at Fresh Baked Entertainment. DO NOT contact anyone other than Anne-Marie (and only via email) in regards to any questions you may have about the internship or the video submissions.
Only one submission per person will be accepted. Late submissions will not be considered.
This is an UNPAID Internship.
Any ideas are property of Fresh Baked Entertainment.

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